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Join us on the most unique media venture in the western hemisphere. Scheduled for launch in Fall 2013, the Caribbean Media Network will serve as the premier source for news, information, education and entertainment. If its Caribbean, its here. Join us through partnering to bring 24/7 interactive programming about the Caribbean to the world.  The Caribbean Media Network will provide programming through various multi-media formats and mobile outlets. The Caribbean Media Network will also provide direct response programming allowing the users to have an interactive role in programming and content initiatives.

A limited number of partnership packages are available to selective patrons. Click through to partner in your future. Become a partner in the Caribbean Media Network.

Headquartered in South Florida, the gateway to the Caribbean, the Caribbean Media Network will serve as a bridge between the Caribbean, the Americas and Europe, as well serve as digital information education and empowerment initiatives throughout the Caribbean. Join us as we bridge the digital divide. Join us as we unify through culture and content.

Become a partner and join us as a part of the Caribbean Media Network.

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